Who are you and why are you qualified to lead me?

We have 25+ years experience leading high performance teams in varying sizes (including combat).  We have served in executive capacities for the last 15+ years and we have served in a highly specialized capacity in the United States Air Force - receiving world class behavioral and HR training.

If you are so great at being a leader, why aren't you leading a Fortune 500 company?

We have several passions - leading and improving others are near the top.  With few exceptions, growing leaders (and making good companies into great ones) must occur from the bottom up and not the top down.  Leadership and culture topics aren't the rainbow sprinkles for your company or team.

Your biography states you are CEO of a Human Capital Leadership firm - what exactly is that?

We help companies identify, select, hire and retain those employees whom are the best fits for their organization.  We use behavioral analytics, our HR related expertise as well as our behavioral and cognitive interviewing experiences to help our clients grow robust and thriving workplace cultures.


Can't I just learn this stuff by reading a book?

Absolutely, you can! We learn in three capacities (knowledge, application, comprehension)...Reading books and attending seminars provides you "knowledge"- to progress onward, you need to actually "practice" or "do" what you learned.  We coach you through application and comprehension processes.

Is it possible for you to conduct leadership or culture based training at my business or organization?

Yes - these opportunities are handled on a case by case basis including negotiation of timeframes, fees, etc

Will you protect my information?

Absolutely! We don't need to discuss the specific names of your company or organization (unless you desire to).  We can speak in general terms using situations as opposed to specific terms using co-worker or supervisor names, events, etc. 

How much do your services cost?

We base and negotiate our fees based upon the needs of our clients.  We don’t have set fee structures because each opportunity is different.  

Note:  We only work with clients whom are willing to improve their behaviors and leadership capacities. Organizationally, we assess and improve teams from deep within each company we serve.